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Ikemen Kamen Rider Actors Fail to Bring in High Ratings for Seigi no Se


Seigi no Se is a law drama that airs on Wednesday nights on NTV. It stars Yuriko Yoshitaka (吉高由里子), who has performed in Robo-G and live-action film adaptaions of GANTZ, as a prosecutor. She’s inexperienced but works hard. The drama tells the tale of her growth not only as a prosecutor, but as an adult.

News spread quickly that popular actor Renn Kiriyama (桐山漣), who portrayed Shotaro Hidari in Kamen Rider W, would be appearing in the drama. Fans responded with excitement on Twitter, stating that they would absolutely tune in and watch the show. Females in particular were more excited about Seigi no Se than normal.

Shu Watanabe (渡部秀), who played the hero Eiji Hino of Kamen Rider OOO, is also a cast member of the show. He portrays Koichi Goto, who is the youngest member of the team.

Showrunners hoped that casting Kiriyama and Watanabe would lead to higher viewership, but were disappointed. Episode 8 debuted on May 30 with an average audience rating of 9.4%, which was only an 0.4 increase from the previous episode. Some believe that female fans claimed they would watch, but that did not turn into actual viewership of the program.

Critics blame the show itself for not drawing in more viewers, in general. The storylines fail to bring in more viewers and aren’t creative.



Article Sources: Cyzo

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