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Additional Cast Information Released for Ultraman R/B


Three more cast members have been revealed for the upcoming Ultraman R/B series. It will air on TV Tokyo every Saturday at 9AM starting on July 7, 2018. It is the first series that will star two brothers as the leading roles.

The Minato brothers live with their high school student sister and their father, who all help run their family business, Quattro M. One day, the brothers discover the R/B Gyroscope and R/B Crystal. These items enable the brothers to transform into mighty new heroes. Yuya Hirata (平田雄也) has been cast as Katsumi Minato, the oldest brother of the Minato family. He transforms into Ultraman Rosso with the power of fire. Ryosuke Koike (小池亮介) stars as Isami Minato, who is Katsumi’s younger brother. He transforms into Ultraman Blue, who has the power of water.


Asahi Minato

Arisa Sonohara (其原有沙) has been cast as the youngest sibling, Asahi Minato. Asahi is a high-school student who gets along well with her brothers. However, she is a pacifist who hates fighting and disputes. She always tries to be happy and her biggest wish is for everyone in the world to be happy as well. She takes care of all of the housework, on behalf of her mother.

Asahi has nicknames for her older brothers. She calls Isami “Isa-ani”, while Katsumi is “Katsu-ani.”


Ushio Minato

Ginnojou Yamazaki (山崎銀之丞) will play the role as the siblings’ father, Ushio Minato. He is the owner of their family store, Quattro M. He’s a gentle man who works hard to manage the store. He doesn’t know that his sons are the Ultramen, and believes that they have hit a rebellious peroid. Though he’s busy raising his family and running his store, he sill loves his wife Mio, who went missing, from the bottom of his heart. He is currently working on fulfilling his dreams by designing clothing, and is working on his own brand “UshioMinato”, which is sold in Quattro M.

Yamazaki previously appeared in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger is Aslan and in Kamen Rider Wizard as Yoshikazu Kumagai.


Makoto Aizen

Motoki Fukami (深水元基) takes on the role of Makoto Aizen, who is the president of Aizen Tech, a very large company that has attracted attention from all over the world. He is the General Manager of Research and is known for being a genuis. Aizen Tech is also located in Ayaka City, where the Minato family currently resides. Aizen is recognized as a leader in the city by many people. He often wears white suits, has high confidence, and originality. Aizen is also a friendly to his fellow researchers, and many inside and outside the company strongly trust him.



Article Sources: Oricon

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