Brothers Become Heroes in the Upcoming Ultraman R/B Show

The latest installment in the Ultraman series has been announced. Ultraman R/B debuts on July 7, 2018. For the first time in the series, brothers will take on the mantle as Ultraman.



The Ultraman series has lasted for over 50 years and continues to be loved by fans. In this latest work, sometimes the Minato brothers clash with each other, but this helps to grow their bond to fight against a mighty enemy.



Ultraman R/B will be a story on family bonds with inspiration from tokusatsu action films.



The Minato brothers live with their high school student sister and a father, who all run a shop. One day, the brothers discover the R/B Gyroscope and R/B Crystal. These items enable the brothers to transform into mighty new heroes.

Yuya Hirata (平田雄也) has been cast as Katsumi Minato, the oldest brother of the Minato family. He transforms into Ultraman Rosso with the power of fire.

Hirata stated that he believed that Ultraman R/B was “really inspiring.” Though it is a show about heroes, like past Ultraman series, it has unique moments that will make it stand out.

Ryosuke Koike (小池亮介) stars as Isami Minato, who is Katsumi’s younger brother. He transforms into Ultrman Blue, who has the power of water.

About his role, Koike said “I have been a fan of Ultraman for a long time, since I was a child. When I heard I would be in Ultraman R/B, I was very happy. At the same time, I feel like I was “prepared.”



Article Sources: Cinema Today


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