Kamen Rider, Super Sentai… But Can He Enjoy Ultraman, too?

The Women’s section of Excite has posted a short illustrated story. The story is about two young brothers who normally watch Kamen Rider, but become interested in another tokusatsu show. This short tale is told from the perspective of the youngest son.



What is popular with young boys? I think Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. When my older brother was three-years-old, he loved Super Sentai, but then Kamen Rider when he turned six.

The house is filled with Kamen Rider goods, so I thought I needed to share the same interests as my brother… I suddenly became interested in Ultraman for a short time before I turned three-years-old.



My older brother didn’t show any interest in Ultraman, so he didn’t have any toys, and didn’t even watch it on tv. It is embarrassin for parents to buy too many different goods (which seems like they’re desperate to show their parental love).

It became my daily routine to watch Ultraman on Saturday morning, and of course, my Ultraman goods gradually increased. He wasn’t interested at all, but would glance at the tv. Did he come to like it a little?



Was it his pride? He stubbornly didn’t recognize Ultraman.



After a few months, I came to watch it regularly. He began to notice it the characters, and even remembered their names.



When asked if he liked it, he finally said “Yes!” He was influenced by his younger brother to enjoy the show.

Though there’s still a love for Kamen Rider as much as ever, all the goods are increasing. On Spring Break, there are now even more things to enjoy, such as going to see Ultraman movies, and that makes me happy.



Article Sources: Woman Excite


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