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Eight Reasons Why Kamen Rider Build Keeps Viewers Interested


Akira Shinomiya, who has previously appeared in a cameo role on Kamen Rider Den-O and Decade, gave his opinion on how Kamen Rider Ryuki broke the existing concepts established in the Kamen Rider series.

Kamen Rider Build has entered a new chapter arc and I can’t help but keep an eye on it. Every Sunday, my life becomes enriched by each new episode. Why is Kamen Rider Build so interesting? I’ve listed a few of my favorite points below. Please compare them to why you also enjoy (or don’t enjoy) the show:

Quick Story Development

At the beginning of the story, we already know about Sento Kiryu losing his memory and the walls being created by Pandora’s Box. Hints were placed throughout each episode, but it was discovered within the first 16 episodes.

Depending on the work, sometimes these revelations aren’t seen until the end of the series. We can feel how fast the story is moving each week.


I was shocked when it was revealed who was the traitor at the beining of the series. When we see some of the evidence from Pandora’s box and where it was located, I accused the wrong person at first. Part of the charm of Build was how I believed one thing would happen, and it would be the complete opposite.

The Bond Between Sento and Ryuga

Works with partners are often good. Some examples include Philip and Shotaro of Kamen Rider W, Anhk and Eiji of Kamen Rider OOO, Ryotaro and Momotaros of Kamen Rider Den-O, and Yusuke Godai and Kaoru Ichijo of Kamen Rider Kuuga.

Sento and Ryuga already show off a strong bond that makes me smile.

All Characters Have a Role

Though Sento is the main character and eventually discovers his role in this fight, the other characters also have a purpose. In these shows, some characters don’t participate directly in the drama. These characters all have roles to fill.

The Game of the Past and the Future

Showa Kamen Rider series has featured remodeling surgeries. The heroes had to deal with coming to peace with their new bodies. Heisei Kamen Rider series changed this practice.

Kamen Rider Build changed this back to the early Showa roots, where people are experimented upon again. They now ask themselves if they’re okay with what they have become. These experiments and their tragedies are essential to Kamen Rider Build.

The Theme Song is the “Best Match”

When I first heard the theme song, I thought it was “just okay” to be honest. The more I listen to it, I feel there is no other suitable song for the opening of Kamen Rider Build. When I hear it, I don’t feel bored. It is a song fitting for my generanation and also my son’s.

The Presence of the Divided Cities

Kamen Rider Build features a Japan that is split into three sections due to the Sky Wall. All three sections are suddenly split and are fighting for power. Without this, I don’t think I would have been more interested in Kamen Rider Build.

Powerful Items Can Be Easily Created

New items are gradually being created. As a fan, I’m glad, because if I really like it, I can buy a toy of it. Since Kamen Rider Build features a “genuis physicist”, he can make things with zero errors, so we can concentrate on the story more.

Extra: Kouhei Takeda’s Role

Kouhei Takeda previously appeared in Kamen Rider Kiva as Otoya Kurenai. We previously fell in love with his charm, but now we’re filled with euphoria seeing him again in Kamen Rider Build.


Article Sources: Cinema by Shochiku


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