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Four Ikemen Actors Enjoying Successful Careers After Kamen Rider


Viewers are excited for upcoming films and tv shows for various reasons. Some may be intrigued by the story or just want to see it because it’s popular. One major reason is an interest in the actors starring in the film.

The Kamen Rider series has been seen as a gateway for young, male ikemen actors. These four actors are becoming more known for their roles outside of the series. There are a few actors who are starring in new films or upcoming series that may not have been on your radar.

This is not a comprehensive list of every Kamen Rider actor, but only four who have stayed in the spotlight since 2017-2018.

Sota Fukushi


Sota Fukushi is now a 24-year-old actor. His sweet smile, slender face, and height of 183cm (6 feet) have quickly captivated audiences. He starred in Kamen Rider Fourze as Gentaro Kisaragi.

After the series ended, he continued to act in several different movie and tv roles, including Say “I love you”, Mugen no Juunin, and most currently Laughing Under the Clouds. He also made headlines returning to the Kamen Rider series in Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Final: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Rider, reprising his former role.

Fukushi sees continued success and stars as the lead character Ichigo Kurosaki in the upcoming live-action film Bleach.

Masaki Suda


Masaki Suda is now 25 years old but was only a teenager when he was Philip in Kamen Rider W in 2009.

Suda has now had a successful career in different tv and movie roles. He most recently portrayed Shinpachi Shimura in the live action adaption of Gintama, which has already announced a sequel in 2018. He has a late night radio show and most recently released his first music album.

It was recently announced that Suda would be starring in the live action adaptaion of My Little Monster as Haru Yoshida.

Ryoma Takeuchi


Ryoma Takeuchi is a 24-year-old actor who is even taller than Fukushi at 1.85m (6’1″). He portrayed the hero Shinnosuke Tomari in Kamen Rider Drive.

Takeuchi moved on to star in the tv shows Hiyokko and Rikuo. He most recently starred in Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High alongside Masaki Suda.

Takeuchi is quickly seeing success in the acting workd. In 2018, he has already won Newcomer of the Year for both the 41st Japan Academy Prize and 42nd Elan d’or Awards.

Mahiro Takasugi


Mahiro Takasugi is one of the youngest of the group and was not the lead hero of his Kamen Rider series. He still caught viewers’ attention as Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen in Kamen Rider Gaim.

Takasugi’s action career has quickly progressed since his Kamen Rider days. he has starred in ReLIFE, Principal, and was recently announced for the leading role in Rainbow Days.

Takasugi has also been recently recognized as Best New Actor in the 72nd Mainichi Film Awards for his role in Before We Vanish.



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