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Mitsubishi Electric Reveals The Protector of Fresh Food: Kamen Reito Shun


On March 20, 2018, Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd. revealed a short PR movie Kamen Reito Shun to promote their refrigerators.

Kamen Reito Shun was created as a promotional character. The Mitsubishi Electric refrigerators state they have a function that can keep food deliciously fresh.

Starring as Kamen Reito Shun is Yoshihiko Aramaki, who has performed in a variety of stage plays, including Cute High Earth Defense Club Love, Prince of Tennis, and Touken Ranbu.

About his role, he stated he thought the role was cool and interesting. There wasn’t difficulty in the role except that the suit was stiff and hard to move in, forcing him to act more “serious”. The temperature inside of the suit was cooled, like a refrigerator. But, it was the first time he had the opportunity to wear the suit of a hero.



Providing the voice for the frozen kaiju is Ryusei Nakao, who has performed in Ultra Q, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and various anime and video games. Dragon Ball fans will know him as the voice of Frieza.

Concerning his role, he stated that it was nostalgic like past Kamen Riders, and it was a lot of fun. “The kaiju’s most noteable feature is his laugh, so please try and enjoy the battle scenes.”

The series is scheduled to continue in the future. The second episode synopsis states the hero will face a mysterious beauty who’s alliance is unknown.



Check out the almost four minute video here:



Article Sources: PR Times


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