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Tetsuya Iwanaga Shows Off Style in a Pipe at Shinjuku Event


On March 18, Tetsuya Iwanaga appeared in Shinjuku to celebrate the release of his first photobook “Messenger.” Around 1,200 fans were in attendance.



Iwanaga attracted attention as Dan Kuroto/Kamen Rider Genm in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. His first photobook features various photos with a theme of A to Z. The photos show off a variety of styles and costumes.



One of the most notable photos was Iwanaga inside of a clay pipe.

About the photobook, Iwanaga stated “This is a wonderful thing I only could have done now.” When asked about his favorite photos, he stated “C” for it’s “cute, rough, and beautiful” imagery and “X” for it’s feeling of the unknown in the future. On the day of the shooting, it was snowing, but the staff was flexible and photographed anyway.



Iwanaga is not only an actor, but also appears on quiz shows. When asked about what he’s aiming for now, he responds that he wants to do everything, especially things that interest him. While he’s alive, he plans to do everything possible.



The venue was surprised when a clay pipe appeared on stage. This was the fans’ opportunity to call out pose requests, which ranged from “Zombie pose, please!” (from his characters’s Lvel 10 form Dangerous Zombie”, “Please look down!” or “Please come out of the pipe with excitement!” Photographers came from all angles, but Iwanaga kept a good attitude about the scene. The venue was filled with laughter.



Iwanaga gave a statement about the event:
“I made many new fans through Kamen Rider, but in making the work, I think the communication from fans was my motivation to come here. I think this can reach everyone’s heart, from people who know me as Kuroto and before. I would be happy if you enjoyed it.”




Article Sources: Spice ePlus


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