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Tetsuya Iwanaga Releases First Photobook “Messenger”


Actor Tetsuya Iwanaga, who is known for his role as Dan Kuroto/Kamen Rider Genm on Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, recently released his first photobook Messenger on March 14, 2018. The photobook is currently available for 3,024¥. Iwanaga spoke with Oricon News about his experience.


What were your thoughts when you first received the offer to release a photobook?

Iwanaga: I was glad. I thought it would be impossible because I was 30 (now 31 years old).


Why did you choose the title Messenger?

Iwanaga: There are people who think that describing your charms by “words” instead of pictures is “strange”. I thought it would be hard to show myself with just photos in Messenger. I wanted to leave behind some “words”, even after I was gone.



Were there any shots you weren’t able to take?

Iwanaga: Sometimes it was snowing and I couldn’t do what I originally planned. The weather kept changing, so I thought I was lucky to take any photos. I travelled to find a place without snow. I talked to everyone in the car and the travel didn’t seem far. We were talking about a game for 2-3 hours. (laughs)


What is your favorite page?

Iwanaga: I thought “K” was interesting. When I was writing the storyboards by myself, I was able to get a good idea of how to do the lighting. I feel that many women prefer “laughing”, but I also like this kind of thing.



About how many points is your first photo album?

Iwanaga: It’s 100 points!


How have your fans changed you?

Iwanaga: I think fans have the power to change things. I think there are fans who have the power to move people, so I want to produce the results I expect from myself.



Please give a message to your fans.

Iwanaga: There are more fans and my motivation has increased. When I participated during stage greetings, I remember when i had fun. I think there are fans who will be enthusiactic until the end, so I thought there might be fans who will also see the photo collection. I think it’s a polished work. It would be nice if many people saw it. I think I can keep growing and I’m thankful to my fans.


In commemoration of the release of Messenger, there are two events planned for the 18th in Shinjuku and 25th in Kobe.




Article Sources: Oricon


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