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Takayuki Tsubaki Expresses Sadness and Hope in Road to Recovery


Takayuki Tsubaki portrayed Kazuma Kenzaki in Kamen Rider Blade. In November 2016, he was attacked with a golf club by a motorcycle driver. His injuries included fracturing his left cheek bone and his upper jaw. He was forced to take time off from acting while he recovered. Tsubaki is only now returning to acting work, but on his Ameblo blog posted on March 12, 2018 he expressed some thoughts. “It has been a little over a year since the incident. I don’t want anyone to experience it, but I will tell you about what happened.”

At the civil trial, the other party is dealing with the financial situation. Tsubaki still must deal with his own financial costs, such as attorney’s fes, hospital treatments where he visits an outpatient clinic, and so on. He was told it was going to be a “big financial burden”.

Tsubaki goes on to say “I have been working hard because of your support, but once again, if I have surgery again, there is the possibility I will have to take off the next three months to recover.” He expressed that it’s an annoyance but “There are a lot of victims in the world. Even if I am overcome with feelings from the event, I remember feeling sad for the other party.”

At the end of the blog, Tsubaki remained positive and determined to move on in the future. “I can do it, and if I can save someone, I’ll do my best!”



Article Sources: AmebaTimes


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