Kamen Rider City Wars App Update Includes New Moves and Bonuses

Kamen Rider City Wars is an iOS and Android mobile game app from Bandai Namco Entertainment. A new update on February 23, 2017 allows up to three other people to join players on their quest. Friends can help the host player complete limited, event, and daily quests.



Players now have access to a powerful new novice technique called the Triple Rider Kick. If you equipt the card, it will trigger the attack for all users. The powerful new card will be available until April 10, 2018 and can be accepted on the “Present” menu on the Home Screen after completing the tutorial.



In commemoration of this large update, a special gacha event is being held. Play gacha 10 times and you will receive one free gacha turn. The event will last until April 10, 2018.

There is also a special Login Bonus where players can earn Death Blow Cards for a limited time, along with additional hero stones.




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