Masaki Suda Wins His Second Best Actor Award in 2018

Masaki Suda is already celebrating two wins in early 2018 for Best Actor at the 91st Kinema Junpo Award and 72nd Mainichi Film Awards.

He was nominated for Best Actor at the 60th Blue Ribbon Awards, 27th Tokyo Sports Film Award, and most recently the 41st Japan Academy Prize, which he previously won in “Newcomer of the Year” in 2014.



Suda previously portrayed Philip in Kamen Rider W. Though Kamen Rider W was his starting point, he has been a successful actor and even is a DJ on his own late night radio show.

The 72nd Mainichi Film Awards were held on February 15, 2018. The President of Toei, Yusuke Okada, attended, and spoke about Masaki Suda. “Suda is a man who performed in Kamen Rider, and every year, more actors like him leave the series.”

Kamen Rider continues to be a stepping stone for many actors in the industry.



Article Sources: MantanWeb


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