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Happy First Anniversary, Daisuki Toku!


On February 14, 2017, Daisuki Toku launched. Today, we’re celebrating our first anniversary.

Daisuki Toku is run by one person, Lisa, so allow me to speak in first person for this post:

First off, thanks to everyone who checked out the website. I really appreciate the time you took out of your day to see what news we’ve recently posted.

I started Daisuki Toku because of my love of tokusatsu. I grew up on tokusatsu shows and have always had a fondness of them. I eventually discovered Kamen Rider, and spend my days watching everything available. My daughter also took interest in the series, and it became a tradition to end the day with Kamen Rider.

I wanted to know more “behind the scenes” of the show, but wasn’t able to read the blogs and news I was personally interested in. That led me to learning Japanese. Years later, I began translating content and sharing it. Though my translations aren’t 100%, I do my best and try to improve with my daily studies. As translating content is both a way to help me study and share tokusatsu content with others.

As for the future of Daisuki Toku, I hope to keep providing tokusatsu content to others in the future. I know it’s a tiny site compared to the others, but I hope to be part of the rapidly-growing tokusatsu community.

I’m always available to chat or answer questions about tokusatsu on my personal or Daisuki Toku Twitter accounts.



Daisuki Toku’s admin Lisa also recorded a video with her thoughts on the site. Check it out here: