BikeRider DX on the Nintendo Switch to Include Kamen Rider Build

The exclusive Nintendo Switch title BikeRider DX will be released on the Nintendo Switch eShop on February 8, 2018. It will cost 598円 with additional DLC at 198円.

BikeRider was originally a mobile phone game released in 2006. It recorded over 27 million downloads in Japan. Worldwide, it ranked first place in 44 countries, including over 5 million downloads in the USA App store. The game was later released from 2013-2015 on the Nintendo 3DS.

BikeRider DX contains all 295 courses from previous games. The main objective is to complete every course, which takes place all over the world and in space.

There are 40 different kinds of bike runners to collect. They range from foods, drinks, and wigs. By using a different bike runner, you may be able to complete courses you couldn’t finish before.



Kamen Rider Build will appear as additional content. There is an entire stage in Build’s world with ten individual stages. Your Bike Runner can transform into Kamen Rider Build, including different forms, such as Rabbit Tank, Gorillamond, and Hawk Gatling forms.

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid was previously introduced as a special character in the mobile version of Bike Running in 2016.



Check out the trailer here:



Official Website: Nintendo
Article Sources: Famitsu

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