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One Year Later: Kamen Rider Blade’s Takayuki Tsubaki Discusses Recovery After Attack


Takayuki Tsubaki portrayed the protagonist Kazuma Kenzaki in Kamen Rider Blade from 2004-2005. He recently appeared on a TBS talk show where he discussed his previous injury.

In November 2016, Tsubaki was involved in a “road rage” incident in Tokyo, where he suffered serious injuries, including facial fractures. Tsubaki was leaving a rehearsal and encountered a man on his motorcycle. The men engaged in an argument. The man’s brother contacted his brother and attacked Tsubaki with a golf club. As a result, Tsubaki’s left cheek and upper jaw were broken, along with his nose. He lost his memory due to the shock from the incident. He also began withdrawing from daily life.

Tsubaki stated “I don’t even remember the face of the criminal… I lost my memory.”

After surgery, he saw his swollen face and believed his career was over. He stayed at home as much as possible. When he was forced to go out, he always wore a mask.

Tsubaki decided to undergo plastic surgery to remove the scar. “The ending can’t be that the hero of justice loses his life to the bad guy.” He underwent three surgeries. He stated “I want to live without hiding.”

He revealed his face during the program. There is still a scar under his left eye. Tsubaki said “I have a desire to continue being a hero to everyone watching. I want to go as far as possible.”

Tsubaki recently updated his blog after the TBS broadcast with an entry entitled “Believe in a future where sleeping nervously is gone.” He recalled his initial apprehension of appearing on the program and that over one year has now passed since the attack.

He ended the blog post with a quote from his character, Kazuma Kenzaki: “If this is fate, then we’ll continue to fight! And I’ll win!”


Article Sources: Sanspo

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