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Cast Talk with Kouhei Takeda, Keisuke Kato, Shouma Yamamoto to Appear in Kamen Rider Kiva Blu-Ray Box 3


On January 24, 2017, it was announced that the Kamen Rider Kiva Blu-Ray Box 3 will include a cast talk by Kouhei Takeda (Otoya Kurenai/Kamen Rider Ixa), Keisuke Kato (Keisuke Nago/Kamen Rider Ixa), and Shouma Yamamoto (Taiga Nobori/Kamen Rider Saga & Dark Kiva).

Kato portrayed bounty hunter Nago who was prepared to chase criminals all over the globe. He was a haughty man who looked down on others weaker than him. Fans loved his character. Unlike Takeda and Yamamoto, Kato has moved away from acting to the fashion industry. It was rare for all three men to gather together, so this talk will be a treat for long-time fans.

About Kamen Rider Kiva, Kato stated “I love this series.” and “I watched it all in one day before I came to this cast talk, because I felt anxious (laughs).” Takeda has returned to the series after ten years. He is currently appearing in Kamen Rider Build, which is currently broadcasting.

Kamen Rider Kiva Blu-Ray Box 1 is currently on sale. Box 2 (which features a cast talk with Yu Takahashi and Nana Yanagisaw) will be released on March 7th and Box 3 wil be released on May 9th. They are all 9,800円 plus tax.


Article Sources: CinemaToday

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