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Taiko Katono Makes a Driving Confession at Midnight Supercar Event


Taiko Katono, who portrayed Chase/Mashin Chaser/Kamen Rider Chaser on Kamen Rider Drive, will star in Midnight Supercar on NHK. He attended the interview event, where he was asked if he would like to go in the Tokyota Supercar 2000 GT.

Katono admitted that “I can’t drive it because I don’t have a license yet…”

Midnight Supercar is a drama that takes place in a car museum. The museum contains some of the world’s best brands, from East to West. Katono plays a young man, named Ricardo, who is actually Japanese/Brazilian. He works for his Grandfather in the car factor. He said “I saw a documentary on people who are actually migrant workers living in Japan for the role.” Katono had to imagine “What kind of thoughs run through their minds? I want to express how they live.” He said with enthusiasm.

Midnight Supercar debuts at 10PM on March 28, 2018.



Official Website: Midnight Supercar
Article Sources: Mantan Web

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