Mahiro Takasugi Discusses Future Goals and Upcoming Role in Kakegurui

In recent years, the tv and film world has been swept by Masaki Suda, Takeru Satoh, Ryoma Takeuchi, Sota Fukushi, Ryo Yoshizawa… they were all actors who appeared in the Kamen Rider series. The series itself has been referred to as a “Young Actors’ Gateway”. The activity of these Riders after the show ends has been remarkable. Mahiro Takasugi was one of those actors who appeared in Kamen Rider. Previously, he was already a hot topic as the “Child of Febreze”.

Takasugi first entered the entertainment world after being recruited in the sixth grade. He appeared in a commercial with tennis planner Shuzo Matsuoka, which quickly drew in female fans. Takasugi was known as the “OO Child” until he was 17-years-old and appeared on Kamen Rider Gaim. He portrayed Mitsuzane Kureshima, a complex character who was both good at justice and evil.

This year Takasugi is taking on his next big breaks in media. He’s impatient to get started and meet his future co-stars. His motivated side was displayed in the interview, which was surprising since he usually comes off so calm on-stage. He was asked if being calm was a disadvantage when it came to roles, and he stated “I’m glad there are no disadvantages, but I usually play a character around 21-years-old, and I’m able to pop a smile.”



Takasugi spoke about his upcoming role in Kakegurui, which will air on MBS. He will portray Ryota Suzui in a series about gambling in a private academy. Students have to take risks in order to survive. He believes the character he portrays is similar to himself “every role is unique, so I can’t lose, I have to believe in what I’ve made and more forward.”

Though it can be hard to do that, he added “I think any role can make you suffer because you can’t do it all.” and “I wonder if you can easily do it… I have to do it while I’m thinking” and “I’ve always confessed that I try trial and error.”

In addition, Takasugi confessed he wants to try a “war” role. He wants to try a role he’s unexperienced in, where he has a sense of fulfilling a mission.

For the upcoming year, he stated that “I want to keep going without stopping” and that “I’m ready to keep walking on the road to the stars.”



Article Sources: Kyodo

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