Takeru Sato Featured in andGirl Magazine

Takeru Sato portrayed the main protagonist Ryotaro Nogami in Kamen Rider Den-O. Sato has been active as a movie actor for the past few years and honed his skills. In recent years, there was an impression that he only performed supernatural characters.

Sato was recently featured in andGirl Magazine, which features current fashion trends, photographs, interviews from celebrities, and more.

In The 8-Year Engagement, he portrayed a real person with realistic challenges. In the magazine interview, he stated “I wanted to play a normal person who isn’t a super hero.”

Sato was also asked about his ideal date. He stated that he wanted to go where his date wanted to. But if was something like a proposal, he would want to go somewhere with beautiful scenery. Specifically he would want to be near Autumn leaves or Winter, where light illuminates off of ice and snow.

Article Sources: Modelpress

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