Hiroki Iijima Discusses the Legend Riders and the Future in AmebaTimes Interview

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FINAL Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Rider was released on December 9, 2017. It is the newest Kamen Rider Heisei Generations film and a celebration of 45 years of Kamen Rider. It stars Kamen Rider Build and Ex-Aid as they join with legendary Riders to defeat evil.

First, please tell us your initial impressions of watching the film.
Iijima: There were lots of Riders and it was very impressive. Until now, Ex-Aid did not have much bike action, but in this movie, the Director stuck to Rider action, because it’s Kamen Rider! You can really see all the action. There were also so many enemies this time. I think this work is really exciting, like a game where you can defeat many enemies.

As a Rider fan, it was exciting to see the Legend Riders.
Iijima: I was so happy that I got to interact with the Legend Riders. Last year in Kamen Rider Heisei Generations, we were together and the Seniors are still cool. I thought “I have to try harder!”

Are there any actors who really influenced you?
Iijima: Sota Fukushi who played Kamen Rider Fourze. Fukushi-kun is tall and conspicuous, but he’s an actor with a large aura. When I joined in the shooting, there was a woman at a shop who screamed “Fukushi!” Like him, I wanted to be an actor who was supported by many generations. I also admire Shu Watanabe of Kamen Rider OOO. When I checked the camera, the supervisor and staff watched him on screen and praised him “After all, his performance was terrific”. I was happy to watch his performance so closely.

By the way, which one is your favorite Rider series?
Iijima: The one I like the best is Ryuki, escpecially because our names share similar kanji. Occasionally I was asked “Is your name taken from Kamen Rider Ryuki?” But, I was born before the show aired! (laugh)

How did you feel when performing as a Rider?
Iijima: I was happy, to be honest, I felt uneasy “Is this okay?” Because I haven’t watched Kamen Rider in awhile, so I thought the newest Rider would be evolving… it’s just the future of transformation and CG production.

It seems that toys are also evoling
Iijima: That’s right. Today’s kids are getting all the belts, but I’m envious because I didn’t buy them when I was a kid.

Ex-Aid was also unique, visually. He felt like a modern Rider.
Iijima: I was surprised at first, and there was some pressure to make the visuals have impact. Now when I look back, it’s so flashy, so I think children will remember it for a long time. The visuals are so bold and colorful (laughs) and you recognize it as “Ex-Aid”.

The other day we interviewed Atsuhiro Inukai of Kamen Rider Build, but he had a question for you: How’s life after finishing Kamen Rider?
Iijima: To be honest, I felt uneasy. I worked on Ex-Aid for a year, so I thought “I’m tired” and “I want a day off.” But as the end approached, everyone else (the co-stars of Ex-Aid) was getting new jobs and I felt impatient. “There’s a poster of Kai Shouma pasted in Shibuya!” (laughs). We’re all friends on the Ex-Aid team, but I want to be the best, so I think I’m a good competitor.

It sounds like a nice relationship. In the future, please tell us what you want to try and what kind of actor you want to be.
Iijima: Because I think that performing arts that can be a dream, I want to be an actor that many actors yearn to be “I want to be like him” or “Please give me the same hairstyle as him”. Now that I’m in a position like this, I want to try to do anything. I want to find the right genre for me.

I like to take photos, and recently I’ve been posting them to SNS. The more photos you take, the more interesting and fun it is. In private, I want to take more photos.

Please tell us some highlights of Ex-Aid in the movie.
Iijima: As Ex-Aid in the last movie, we’re working together with the Build Team and Legend Riders to plan for the final battle. Everyone who liked Ex-Aid, everyone who likes Rider, I really want you experience this exhilarating movie on the big screen.

Article Sources: Ameba Times

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