Yu Takahashi and Nana Yanagisawa Interview Included in Kamen Rider Kiva Blu-ray Box 2

Kamen Rider Kiva originally aired in 2008 and will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2018. It was announced that interviews with Yu Takahashi and Nana Yanagisawa will be included.

Yu Takahashi portrayed Yuri Aso in “the past” 1986, while Nana Yanagisawa portrayed Megumi Aso in “present-day” 2008. Both performed the song “Feel the Same” for the series.

Takahashi made her acting debut in Kamen Rider Kiva at the age of 17. She commented “Nana-chan really helped me! It’s been twn years since then, but today I remembered those moments from that time.”

Yanagisawa stated “I watched Yu grow up on stage. I felt a little lonely. But I;\’m pleased with her performance at that time!”

When asked about their favorite scene, they both commented it was their transformation scene, which got better when they were able to watch the moment on screen. Takahashi felt embarassed to watch herself on screen at the time, but is eagerly awaiting the Blu-ray release.

Both had a final message for fans:

Takahashi: It’s been 10 years since it aired. At that time, we struggled desperately, and I think we also fought desperately in those days. I want you to watch it. Kamen Rider Kiva is a story about “love” and “family”, so I want you to feel that parents are always thinking of their children.

Yanagisawa: I grew up watching Kamen Rider with my younger brothers. Now that this will be on Blu-ray, I want this to be left to my niece, nephew, children, and grandchildren.

The special interview will be included in a booklet within the Box Set. Kamen Rider Kiva Blu-ray Box 2 will be released on March 7, 2018.

Article Sources: Dengeki

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