Toei Kyoto Studio Park to Host New Years Eve Kamen Rider Event

Toei Kyoto Studio Park takes visitors 200 years back to the Edo period. There are various attractions, including ninja shows and a ninja-themed cafe. Kamen Rider and Super Sentai fans can also enjoy occasional meet and greet events featuring their favorite characters.

This year, there will be a two day meet-and-greet event featuring several Kamen Riders on December 30-31st, 2017. Besides from meeting the Riders, you can watch them in a parade.

On December 30, 2017, visitors will have the opportunity to meet several Kamen Rider Ex-Aid characters and their special forms.

Several Kamen Riders will appear on December 31, 2017, including: Kamen Rider Build, Ghost, Gaim, Fourze, W, Kiva, Kabuto, Blade, Ryuki, and Kuuga. Since Ex-Aid has the previous day dedicated to characters from the show, they will not appear on the 31st.

(Please note that the website states that the event takes place in 2016, but since Kamen Rider Build did not debut until September, this is a typo.)

Article Sources: Toei Kyoto Studio Park

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