Ryoma Takeuchi Dresses as Santa Claus for Elementary School Students

Ryoma Takeuchi, who previously portrayed Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, recently appeared at a Tokyo kindergarten dressed as Santa. The event was part of a promotion that commemorates the 20th anniversary of Lotte’s new product “Xylitol Gum” on May 5th.

When Takeuchi appeared, children shouted in joy at both Santa and “It’s Kamen Rider Drive!” He was asked about his Santa performance, but just hoped that the children would think it was cute. When asked how he arrived, he stated “In a real door instead of with reindeer.”

With a gentle smile, Santa Takeuchi watched children make ornaments for their tree. He interacted with the kids, asking “Do you know what color reindeer are?” and “You’re good.”

Santa Takeuchi also gave gifts to the children, such as games, a soccer ball, and more. He asked older kids if Santa still visits, but one child replied “I’m in Fourth Grade now, so Santa has stopped visiting me.”

At the end of the event, Santa Takeuchi carried children to help them place their ornaments higher on the tree. At one moment, he carried two children at once.

Takeuchi was asked how he could like to spend his Christmas. He replied “I want to part with my colleagues.. I’m 25 already, so I guess it’s not a party. I have to work hard to keep going in the future.” He started that this year he enjoyed meeting various people and travelling to different places.

It’s likely that Takeuchi will be smiling at everyone again next year.

Article Sources: Sirabee

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