Tetsuya Iwanaga of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Hosts First Fan Event

On Thursday, November 23, 2017, Tetsuya Iwanaga appeared at his first fan event. It took place at  Asakusa Kokono in Tokyo. Tetsuya Iwanaga previously portrayed Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Gemn in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

The event discusses many elements of Tetsuya Iwanaga’s life. He’s a member of Japan’s Mensa that only people with an IQ of 140 and higher can join. The event had quizzes, live guitar playing, live song performances, and more. The event reflected Iwanaga’s unique view of the world.

Iwanaga, who is often referred to “God” by fans, impressed people at the event and for those who participated through SNS. Many comments included “He is like a dream”, “He really is a god” and “I have sinned well.”

Along with the event were the the sale of original goods. Fans could by original photos, can badges, tote bags, and more. Many items sold up.

This event required a ticket be purchased beforehand. Due to the response, Iwanaga hopes to host a second event soon.

Article Sources: NicoNico, Tetsuya Iwanaga Twitter

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