Dharuriser THE MOVIE to Air at New Director’s Film Festival

Dharuriser is a local hero from Fukushima prefecture who debuted in 2009. He uses the theme of a daruma doll, which are symbols of good luck and perseverance.

Dharuriser strives to tell others not to give up, no matter what. He embraces his skills to become a hero and hopes to be an inspiration to children. Time is limited, so Dharuriser works day and night hoping that children can learn to love and nurture their city as they grow older.

Dharuriser, who is portrayed by Takeaki Wachi, originally aimed to become an actor in Tokyo and studied theater. Unfortunately, he had to give up his dreams and return home to work. Since becoming Dharuriser, he has changed his mind and released he should continue his dream.

The Dharuriser team trained hard to bring the local hero to life. Dharuriser continued as a stage show. They performed on various stages in Japan, but also host the self-defense training program KEYSI, give lectures, and help actors reach their dreams.

Recently, they have completed a movie Dharuriser THE MOVIE. white Re:birth performed the movie’s theme “Arcier”.

The movie will debut at the New Director’s Film Festival from November 11-17, 2017.

Check out the trailer here:

Official Website: Dharuriser

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