Music From Kamen Rider V3, Casshern, and More to Be Performed at Kikuchi Shunsuke Music Festival

To celebrate his 86th birthday, music composer Kikuchi Shunsuke will host the Kikuchi Shunsuke Music Festival on Saturday, November 11, 2017 at Owada Sakura Hall. The doors will open at 13:00 and the show will run for approximately 1400 to 1600. Tickets range from 8000¥ to 4000¥ (tax included) plus a ticket fee.

Kikuchi Shunsuke is a well-known composer who has performed music for television and film since the 1960s. He’s worked on music for various tokusatsu and anime series.

Fans were asked on Twitter to give feedback on performances they’d like to see. The staff announced there will be additional performances from Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider V3, and Casshan due to overwhelming votes on Twitter.

The official performance schedule:

  • Abarenbō Shōgun (1987)
  • Kamen Rider (1971)
  • Kamen Rider V3 (1973)
  • Casshan (1973)
  • UFO Robot Grendizer (1975)
  • Uchuu Patrol Hopper (1965)

Extended performance schedule:

  • Getter Robo (12 minutes)
  • Babel II (12 minutes)
  • Doraemon (17 minutes)
  • Dragon Ball (20 minutes)

For more information on the festival, check out this informative video:

Check out the official PV here:

Article Sources: The Miyanichi

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