Sota Fukushi Expresses Excitement Over Return as Kamen Rider Fourze on Ameblo

On December 9, 2017, Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Final will be released in theaters. Though the movie will focus on Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Build, many past Riders will return to reprise their roles.

Among the returning Kamen Riders are Sota Fukushi, who portrayed Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze. He updated his official Ameblo, expressing his excitement:


Everyone’s surprised.
No, I’m the most surprised! (laugh)

Kamen Rider in a Winter movie.
It was decided that I would appear again as Kisaragi Gentaro, Kamen Rider Fourze.

How to come back as a Kamen Rider
For the first time in almost 5 years
It looks like a long, but short, time

Because this movie takes place five years after my last appearance
This is fate

On stage at the rehearsal
Kazuki Nakashima, who wrote the screenplay, appeared
Also, seven men from the series Tsukidokuro are here
Since Fourze has a “moon” theme
It is fate ^_^

When I returned as Gen-chan
I was very nervous
But the staff was very familiar with me when I entered the site!
It was moving.
I came back to my starting point.

I appeared with the active Riders.
I also showed my transformation pose.
As expected, everyone was cool!

This time, I decided to appear
Not to mention
I like Fourze
I’m so grateful
And to the Producer at the time
Because I got the story

For me, it was my youth
I felt warmed during the filming.
I remember that time.

I also enjoyed shooting this time!
I took photos with Takaiwa. (Fourze’s stunt performer)

I was too young back then
I wasn’t able to talk
I spoke a little this time (laugh)”

Article Sources: Ameblo

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