Tsuburaya Productions Protests Release of “Dragon Force: So Long, Ultraman” on October 1st

The movie Dragon Force: So Long, Ultraman was released in China on October 1, 2017. Tsuburaya Productions, the company who created Ultraman, did not permit the use of the characters and it is likely there will be continued controversy in the future.

A company in Southern China released Dragon Force: So Long, Ultraman, where Ultraman is an enemy of the Chinese robotic hero. A theater in Guangzhou was filled with parents and children.

Tsuburaya Productions was seeking an injunction against the screenning. They commented “It is obviously infinging copyright. We won’t tolderate it.” They are seeking to take legal action against the Chinese company.

However, the Chinese company Fun Movie International claims they they got the overseas film rights from a company in Thailand. “It is a judgement that allows the Chinese Supreme Court to grant us rights. It’s legal.” He hopes to make more Ultraman movies in the future.

A woman in her 30s who went to see the movie with her child stated “Because I’m Chinese, an Ultraman movie made in China is better. I think the copyright is also in China.”

In China, Ultraman debuted on television in the 1990s. He quickly became a popular character.

Netizens on social media welcomed the movie’s release, while there were some critical voices who were against the pirated version.

A 17 year old vocational college student was asked about his opinion. He watched Ultraman since he was a child. He was skeptical about this movie. Other men were asked were dissatisfied and stated “This Ultraman looks bad. It’s making Ultraman a villian. As a fan, I’m against this movie.”

In case you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out here:

Article Sources: NHK

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