Tetsuya Iwanaga Shows Off His Skills on TV Asahi’s “The Time Shock”

Tetsuya Iwanaga, who previously portrayed Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm on Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, appeared on TV Asahi’s “The Time Shock” TV program on September 27, 2017.

The last time Iwanaga appeared on the show, he was defeated. He vowed for revenge. In the first round, he steadily defeated his competitor “Quiz Queen” Yoshiko Miyazaki, to reach the Semi-Finals.

Unfortunately, he was eliminated in the final round against Kazureza (Comedian), Naoko Miura (Former Olympic Swimmer), Yoshiko Miyazaki (Actress).

Though he faced defeat, he stated he was glad to be on a program with a variety of people.

Iwanaga has worked as a model and actor. In his spare time, he enjoys both studying and completing quizzes. He is also a Japan MENSA member, which is only 2% of the world’s population.

When asked about his future goals, he stated “I’m good at Mathematics and English, but I’d like to be active in a wide range of fields. As an actor, I got a wonderful role as a Kamen Rider. I got to learn many things. I would like to take advantage of that experience to take on roles like intelligent criminals and jail breakers. I want to destroy my image as an honor student and I want to be a monster from now on,” He said with enthusiasm.

Article Sources: Modelpress

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