Ultraman VR Provides Exciting Perspective Experience

Ultraman Zero ZR is the first 360 VR experience for the Ultraman series.

But what does the Ultraman VR experience consist of? Put on your headphones and visual display, and let’s get started.

You’ll first hear the theme song of Ultra Seven. From a top floor of an office building, a fight will suddenly break out outside. You can watch as Ultraman Zero battles the monsters threatening the city. Turn around, and you’ll see your colleagues cheering Ultraman on. Don’t forget to join in!

But when the fight becomes more heated, your colleagues might run away in fear. Sparks will fly and Ultraman Zero may suddenly get hurt. You might see yourself run away, but in reality, the scene moves for you, so you don’t have to do anything. You’ll leave from the Emergency Exit.

Though you might think you’re safe, look up and see the giants fighting in front of you. Of course, in reality, you won’t get hurt by the falling debris, but in VR, it is a heart-beating experience. You can safely watch the battle as close as you want.

Ready, GO–!

Article Sources: Asahi

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