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Second Kamen Rider Build Pre-Release Episode Guide Released

Spoiler Alert!
This article contains spoilers for the upcoming show, Kamen Rider Build.

“Kamen Riders are no longer Riders.”
These days, Riders are often told this. Even if they don’t look like a typical Kamen Rider, they all share a similarity of destroying evil and its origins. Kamen Rider Build portrays these same themes. It is the 19th Heisei Kamen Rider series, which still retains the center of Kamen Rider, such as its systems and settings.

Point One: The Hero Invents the System

A belt or machine used to transform appears in every Kamen Rider. The main character of Kamen Rider Build, Sento Kiryu (portrayed by Atsuhiro Inukai), creates various inventions with Science. For example, he creates a bottle containing various ingredients called Full Bottles. Sento also created the machine that makes these bottles. The ability to determine the “best match” bottles in the belt to use as a weapon were also developed by Sento. No other hero is as reliable as a Kamen Rider.

Point Two: The Mystery of Human Experimentarion and the Hero’s Memory Loss

The original Kamen Rider was a hero who was subjected to Shocker’s human experiments. He wakes up with a heart of justice. Smash, which appears in Kamen Rider Build, is also born from human experiments. Though the people who have performed the experiments suffer from memory loss, there may be a connection with Sento. You will be able to see themes from the original Kamen Rider in this series: “Is the existence of Kamen Rider is equal to a monster?”

Point Three: Man to Man Hot Drama

Ryuga Banjo, portrayed by Eiji Akaso, escaped from prison. He may hold the key to solving Sento’s memory loss. The two men often clash, but will also be occasionally cooperate. A conspiracy surrounds them, and the more you follow the truth, the less you will understand. Like the bond between Kamen Rider 1 and 2 and in many other Heisei Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Build will tell the story of two men: Sento and Ryuga.

Point Four: New Axis “A World With Borders”

Only in Kamen Rider Build will the country will be divided by walls. This wall was created by the mysterious Pandora Box. Japan is split in three areas: Tokyo, Saito, and Hokuto. Each area has its own government. What is involved at the borders? What are the thoughts of the people living in each area? What will be created from them? What will happen to the Riders? The biggest theme of this series may revolve around this wall.

In the middle of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, which is currently airing on TV Asahi, Kamen Rider Build appeared for a moment. What was the meaning of the action between Build and Kamen Rider Genm? If you have seen the movie Kamen Rider Ex-Aid True Ending, you may have been awed by Build’s appearance. Both Ex-Aid and Build will co-star in Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FINAL on December 9, 2017. Please look forward to it!

Article Sources: TOEI

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