Additional Visuals Released for Upcoming Chotto Mate Yakyubu! Live Action Film

The live action movie adaptation of Chotto Mate Yakyubu! has released new visuals. It includes the official movie poster and two images of the three main leads in their high school baseball uniforms.

The leading cast includes:

  • Ryosuke Yamamoto (Makoto Fukami/Kamen Rider Specter of Kamen Rider Ghost|) as First Baseman Natsuki Miyata
  • Kenta Suga (Saburo Kazeta/Sanagiman/Inazuman in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum) as Second Baseman Hiroki Ohori
  • Yuta Koseki (Prince of Tennis musicals) as Right Fielder Kouhei Akimoto

Chotto Mate Yakyubu! is based off of the manga series by Takana Yukue. Kenritsu Jingen High School has an average performing baseball team. When a new semester begins, Hiroki Ohori (Kenta Suga), Kohei Akimoto (Yuta Koseki) and Natsuki Miyata (Ryosuke Yamamoto) join the team. Ohori performs poorly on a test. He must retake the test or risk losing his opportunity to attend training camp with his friends.

Chotto Mate Yakyubu! will be released in theaters on January 27, 2018.

Article Sources: CinemaCafe

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