Jun Kaname Speaks About Life After Kamen Rider

Jun Kaname stated on Twitter “A decade ago, you were a Kamen Rider. Lately, the number of people who do not instantly recognize you is increasing. They hear stories of recent actors from Kamen Riders, as if they aren’t the same people”. It became a hot topic.

Jun Kaname made his debut as Makoto Hikawa/Kamen Rider G3 on Kamen Rider Agito. In the past, he was well known, but not recently. He is concentrating on his public relation activities in his birthplace of Kagawa prefecture.

After his role in Agito, Kaname has starred in various roles. In August, he spoke about the changing era. His appearance in Agito as a young tokusatsu actor gained attention.

What happened is not limited to Kaname. Other leading stars of Kamen Rider series have also flowered into success. Over the past ten years, you can still see many actors from past Kamen Rider series on-screen.

Kaname is part of a campaign to promote his birthplace of Kagawa prefecture. He is working in public relations of the fictional prefecture “Udon prefecture.” The project has been ongoing since 2011. The Sanuki festival was recently held, and included foods made from ingredients from Kagawa prefecture.

Netizens commented that Kaname could also be branded as Kamen Rider Udon. Instead, Kaname joked “I’ll be reborn as Kamen Rider Sanuki!”

Article Sources: J-Cast

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