Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Children’s Hospital Collaboration Event Held

On August 2nd, 2017, the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare of Japan held a collaboration event with the movie Kamen Rider Ex-Aid True Ending.

The main character of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Emu Hojo (portrayed by Hiroki Iijima) is training to be a pediatrician, and the theme of this collaboration is “Pediatric Medicine“.

Iijima and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid performed various demonstrations, such as performing experiments, food safety checks, and emergency life saving techniques. This was not a fan-meeting event, and was meant to help promote hospital care. Only 30 people were chosen by lottery to attend.

In a previous interview with PlayStation, Iijima expressed interest in pediatric medicine after his time on Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. Iijima and his so-star, Toshiki Seto (Hiiro Kagami/Kamen Rider Brave), took a medical course on the topic of children’s diseases.

Iijima plays the role of Emu Hojo, a Pediatric Resident, working his way to become a Doctor. He told the children “I want to have a good time studying with all of you. Thank you!” After demonstrating CPR, he asked the participants “Do you remember CPR in emergency medical care?” The children responded loudly, and Iijima replied “I don’t mind remembering everything I’ve learned today, even if it stays in a corner of my mind, so please remember!”

Posters decorated the Pediatric Department with the catch phrase “Pediactric Medicine for the future of children.”

Article Sources: Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, Twitter, Natalie

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