Kamen Rider Build Production Cast Meeting Held

The official Kamen Rider Build trailer has been released online. New information has been announced, including the main actor.

Kamen Rider Build’s main protagonist will be played by Atsuhiro Inukai. He’s a Japanese actor and model. Inukai is the 2012 Grand Prix Winner of the 25th JUNON Super Boy Contest. He won this award at 18 and is the third consecutive JUNON Boy to cast as a Kamen Rider. A few drama series he’s appeared in include Funeral Procession of Peter, Hotel Concierge, and Our House. His official website can be accessed here.

When asked about his interest in the series, he stated his favorite Rider was Kamen Rider Kabuto. “I liked him so much that I longed to be Tendou when I was in elementary school.”

Additional cast members include:

  • Akaso Eiji
  • Takada Kaho
  • Ochi Yuuki
  • Taki Yukari (who also had roles in former Kamen Rider shows and Ultraman)
  • Mikami Kensei
  • Maekawa Yasuyuki

The cast was asked about their professional and personal lives. Takada Kaho, who plays Build’s man heroine,  also spoke about her character. “She’s a rebellious, but normal girl. Please look forward to it.”

The theme song “Be the One” is performed by Pandora feat. Beverly. Pandora is a new unit formed by Globe’s Tetsuya Komuro and songwriter Daisuke Asakura.

Kamen Rider Build will debut on Sunday, September 3, 2017. The protagonist is a genius physicist with the highest IQ of any Heisei Kamen Rider.

Article Sources: Excite, NicoNico, TVLife

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