Kamen Rider Build DX Driver and New Form Revealed

Kamen Rider Build will debut on TV Asahi on Sunday, September 3, 2017. The Build Driver Transformation Belt DX will be released on Saturday, September 2nd, one day before the show debut.

The belt is used by loading two “Full Bottles” into the belt. Various ingredients are in the bottles, including animals and machinery. To transform, push in the bottles, so the label faces the front. A sound will play when the bottles are inserted, and a light will shine when turning the belt level. The large, medium, and smaller gears will rotate, and the bottle contents will move up and down. When setting the “best match” combinations, a special sound will play.

The driver comes with a rabbit and tank bottle. There are various types of bottles yet to be revealed. The bottles can be purchased in department stores, gatcha machines, and candy toys. The driver will require 3 AAA batteries, sold separately.

A new form was revealed alongside the Rabbit Tank form.

Gorilla Full Bottle and Diamond Full Bottle can be combined to form “Gorilla Mondo Form“.

Both new Full Bottles are scheduled to be released on Saturday, August 19 and cost 900¥ (plus tax)

Buttoba Soul and Gamba Rising machines will be upgraded to match the Kamen Rider Build series. When playing Buttoba Soul, you can get rare medals or purchase a limited Full Bottle. In Gamba Rising, if you can the code from a Full Bottle, you can unlock form changes and power-ups.

Article Sources: Dengeki

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