Miura Brothers and Taiko Katono Star in Sweat & Tears Stage Play

Ryosuke Miura (Anhk of Kamen Rider OOO), Kota Miura (Takeshi Kurosaki of Kamen Rider Amazons), and Taiko Katono (Chase/Mashin Chaser/Kamen Rider Chaser of Kamen Rider Drive) will be starring in the stage play Sweat & Tears: Tokyo Kid Brothers 44th “Lost Indigo Color”.

The story begins on a street called “Limelight” and on a backstreet. Young dancers perform in the backstreets, dreaming of becoming stars.
One day, three men came from nowhere, whistling.They came to drink at Limelight when the city turned orange at dusk. The store owner became interested in them. But each of the three men had a secret past.
All three men fall in love with a single dancer. She is already in love with someone. These three men sing and dance only for her.

Love, dreams, and hope.
You will witness people who are trying hard to live.

Sweat & Tears: Tokyo Kid Brothers 44th “Lost Indigo Color” is an original story by Yutaka Higashi. The Director, Nagato Katsuhiko, also produced the screenplay. Music and lyrics were written by Ogla Kei.

The stage play will be performed at CBGK from Saturday, October 14 to Sunday, October 22, 2017.

Official Websites: Sweat & Tears, CBGK

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