Fumika Baba Appears at “You Still Don’t Get Gunma” Cast Stage Greeting

Fumika Baba, who appeared as Medic in Kamen Rider Drive, recently appeared at a cast stage greeting with the cast of the upcoming film, You Still Don’t Get Gunma. The cast spoke about their experiences on the set, including some embarrassing moments.

You Still Don’t Get Gunma was originally a webcomic by Hiroto Ida.

In You Still Don’t Get Gunma , Kamitsuki Nori recently moved to Gunma Prefecture. He begins attending a new school, where his new classmates tease him. He meets Shinoka Kyo, and instantly falls on love. Like the classmates who teased him, she also shares a strong love of Gunma. Nori begins to learn more about Gunma, including their rivals in Tochigi and Ibaraki Prefecture.

Check out the trailer here:

Article Sources: ModelPress

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