Director Dean Israelite Discusses What’s Different in the Power Rangers Movie

CinemaToday recently spoke with Power Rangers film Director Dean Israelite.

There are many super hero movies being produced in America, including Power Rangers. Power Rangers is a theatrical version of the tv series in the United States. The Power Ranger series has been broadcast for 24 years and is based off of the Japanese Super Sentai series. Like Super Sentai, many watched it through the eyes of a child, but this movie was created in Hollywood with an ample budget. From Japanese audiences who have seen the movie, SNS was flowing with comments like “I feel like Japan’s Super Sentai is being taken seriously by Hollywood.”

But what was the aim of Dean Israelite, Director of the Power Rangers movie?

Israelite grew up watching Power Rangers. He was passionate about the series. He wanted to update Power Rangers to be more modern and realistic. The Director stated “I took care to craft my characters, from their problems and experiences, to make audiences more empathetic. I wanted to create a film that feels realistic.”

The Power Rangers movie also differs from other American super hero movies. Israelite said “I watch American super hero movies and I love them. But I can’t put myself in the positions of those characters when I’m watching. They’re investors, billionaires, mutants, or gods from other planets. But Power Rangers is a story of teenagers. I used to be that once. Everyone has once been a teenager.”

“I wanted to make a movie that makes me feel like I can be a Power Ranger.” Israelite revealed. “This show was popular among children because they felt they were one of the characters, which made them feel powerful. Power Rangers is a hero movie anyone can empathize with.”

“Morphin” or transforming is also an important metaphor. The characters change not just with their appearances, but their growth process. Israelite said “I wanted to show growing and self-discovery in this movie. The theme is change and about children becoming adults by shedding their teenage shells.”

The five characters cannot easily transform after gaining the ability to transform into a hero. Before they can face the enemy, they have to overcome the troubles and inner conflicts they have. “By growing, they can finally fit the skin they wear. The skin is a Power Ranger suit, so they finally get their armor. It’s a metaphor.” Israelite said.

Power Rangers is a “growth story” of ordinary High School students, rather than a tokusatsu hero movie.

Power Rangers was released in early July in Japanese theaters. Check out the second Japanese trailer here:

Article Sources: CinemaToday

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