A New “Begins Night”? The Detective in the City Returns

The city where the wind blows, the windy city Futo.
There used to be a city where many mysterious incidents occurred.
Now, again within “darkness” of the city, someone has started moving behind the scenes– in the windy capital!

“This town is my garden. I don’t want anyone here to cry.”
“Shotaro, it’s not me, is it?”

That “one detective, two people” will come back!

In Summer 2017
The story of that detective will begin again in the windy city for the first time in seen years.

This is not a video work.
It will be a challenge for a new stage.

“Their” new activity will be spoken about as they make it to the stage of the windy city.
It will be an official sequel written by Riku Sanjo (the original storywriter of Kamen Rider W)
(It is not within a parallel world.)

What kind of activities will the detectives be drawn into?
Please wait for the official report on July 3rd, 2017 for official titles and staff members.

For everyone who loves this town
Of course, not to mention the words
“Now, count your sins.”

Article Sources: TOEI

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