Hiroshi Fujioka Appears in WE ARE FIGHTERS! GQ Feature

Hiroshi Fujioka was recently featured among other fighters on GQ Magazine’s website. The feature covered athletes of different ages and fighting styles.

Name: Hiroshi Fujioka
Occupation: Actor/Martial Artist
Age: 71

Profile: Debuted as an actor in 1965. He portrayed Takeshi Hongo in Kamen Rider.

“You can win without fighting. Fundamentally, fighting sports and martial arts are different things. There are rules for fighting sports. Many people can enjoy them. But when there is a need to actually protect ourselves, there are no rules. Is it possible to survive every situation? I think the martial arts of our country has elaborated on that question. I have been strictly practicing martial arts from my father since I was 6 years old. I have kept up with his teachings. I would like to keep up with them, such as fencing and equestrian activities, to protect the wonderful traditions of Japan and to spread it around the world. Martial arts is not just controlling others by force. By using it, I can say “I am not your enemy.” That is the power of “martial arts” that is unique to Japan.”

Article Sources: GQ

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