Ruka Matsuda: Willing to Challenge My Voice for Poppy Pipopapo

Ruka Matsuda plays a major role in the ongoing TV Asahi show Kamen Rider Ex-Aid as Asuna Karino/Poppy Pipopapo/Kamen Rider Poppy. She recently appeared among the Ex-Aid cast for a talk for the upcoming film Kamen Rider Ex-Aid True Ending. The movie will be released on August 5, 2017.

Matsuda stated that her “voice has gone higher” compared to the beginning of the series. “I have been doing Poppy’s voice from the beginning, but it’s been deafening lately. I’m even troubling myself.”

In addition, Matsuda asked her co-stars to agree that “Recently, I’ve been noisy, right?” and “I want to sing something again sometime, if I can make the best use of my Poppy voice.”

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid is the 18th work of the Kamen Rider series. Doctors transform into Kamen Riders to defeat a mysterious “game virus”. The movie will show the real world destroyed, and a ninja army will appear to attempt to dominate a VR space. The “true ending” will be uncovered. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid True Ending will be shown with the newest Super Sentai series, Uchu Sentai Kyuranger the Movie.

Article Sources: MantanWeb

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