PlayStation VR and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Collaboration is Born

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the collaboration between Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and PlayStation VR. The collaboration will occur for the upcoming film Kamen Rider Ex-Aid True Ending.

In Kamen Rider Ex-Aid True Ending, the PlayStation VR will appear with a “Gemn VR” motif. Emu Hojo, portrayed by Hiroki Iijima, will use it to transform into Kamen Rider Ex-Aid “Creator Gamer” form. He will be able to create weapons, from missles to swords, and fight enemies with unexpected attacks.

In addition, video content for PlayStation VR is planned for Summer 2017. Fans will be able to experience the world of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

What is PlayStation VR? It uses the PlayStation 4 to create a virtual reality system to enrich the game experience. When wearing the VR headset, a powerful 3D space emerges at 360 degrees around the player. It brings a sense of presense, as if you are really inside the game world.

Koji Tada, Director of Developer Relations at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia, commented “In the world of the popular children’s hero Kamen Rider, this VR item will appear. You won’t be able to hide your excitement. I am convinced that the possibility of VR will continue to expand. I would like to have more people interested in this collaboration and experience VR.”

The producer of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid True Ending also stated “It is inevitable to use VR, which is the cutting edge of the game industry. It was the highest achievement of the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid series that combined game software and the PlayStation VR. In addition, the world of VR is not only connected to games, but the medical world, which is another theme of Ex-Aid.

Article Sources: NicoNico

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