Fumika Baba Appears at Tamashii Nations 10th Anniversary World Tour Event in Osaka

Actress and model Fumika Baba appeared at Bandai’s collector festival ” Tamashii Nations 10th Anniversary World Tour Osaka”. She starred in Kamen Rider Drive as Medic, and is a big fan of Digimon.

Baba was asked about her memories on Kamen Rider Drive. “At the Drive audition, I got in, but initially I wasn’t very popular.” She continued, “But the cast and staff were warm, so we eventually gained support from the audience. As the broadcast continued, the last part of Drive was really wonderful. Everyone worked on it, and it’s am important work for me.” She said proudly.

From this work, the SIC line introduced Heart. Baba requested “Make Medic, too!”

She is also a fan of Digimon. She appeared wearing a Patamon hat. She spoke about her love of the character “It makes me feel happy just watching it. Patamon turns into such a cool Angemon.”

Article Sources: Nifty

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