Producer Shinichiro Shirakura Holds “Looking Back” Talk Event

In Shibuya’s LOFT 9 in Tokyo, Shinichiro Shirakura held a talk event entitled “Looking Back at the Films I’ve Produced”. He has worked as a producer on many Heisei Kamen Rider series. Screenwriter Yasuko Kobayashi was also invited to speak about the shows they’ve worked on together.

When talking about Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2, which is currently being distributed on Amazon Prime video, Shirakura mentioned the unusually high morale on set. Some staff mentioned “If I can’t do this job, I’ll never do work for Toei again.” One cast member expressed “Amazons” is “like a miracle.”

The MC asked why the staff and cast would feel this way. “Is it because they can do whatever they want?” Shirakura said “They are able to express what they want in the show. The people working here want to work on the series. I think everyone who wants to be on staff because they dream about putting their best efforts into the work. Actually, it becomes work to worry about restrictions “If I do this, I might get scolded, so I wonder if I can avoid it.” In Amazons, I think there was a feeling they could fulfill the original “job title”.

Kamen Rider Amazons is a large work that includes shocking content and intense action to gain the heart of adult fans. In Season 2, this impact continues. Shirakura said “I thought about doing things that can’t be done on tv. But Season 1 was broadcast on tv. Season 2 is really what cannot be shown on tv. Episode 8 “UNDER WRAPS” will be delivered on May 26th, and the serious impact will be shown. In Episode 2, it was even revealed that the “delicious eyeball” was yogurt with agar.

At the end of the Amazons discussion, Shirakura said “Because I couldn’t air these shows on tv, it’s a funny story I can tell. Through Amazons, I think “It’s interesting to be able to do this.” If I can, I want to send that back to through the tv.”

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