Ultraman Scratch Battle Mobile App Coming to Japan in May

The web campaign Ultraman Scratch is now available. The smartphone game Ultraman Scratch Battle will make it easier to enjoy the battles between Ultraman and Ultra Monsters. It will be released on Sunday, May 7, 2017 in Japan. It is produced by Tsuburaya Productions, which only creates original monster figures.

In Ultraman Scratch Battle, Ultraman destroys various monsters, including Baltran. Within the 3 minutes Ultraman can fight, the user must pick 6 squares out nine. This activates special moves such as the Specium Ray to attack the monster. You can experience battles between Ultraman and monsters on your smartphone.

Top ranking users will receive a gift. Tsuburaya Productions will give the user official recognition and one unique original monster figure. Other special gifts will be prepared for fans.

Ultraman Scratch Battle will be released at 24:00 on Sunday, May 7, 2017 in Japan.

Article Sources: Oricon

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