Various Tokusatsu Joke Announcements From April Fools Day 2017

April Fools Day took place on Saturday, April 1, 2017. There were a few tokusatsu related jokes announced online… including here on Daisuki Toku. Please note this isn’t a complete list, just a few that caught our eye.

Kamen Rider Drive’s Official Twitter announced Kamen Rider Brain would be released in 2035.

Shota Matsushima, the actor for Brain on Kamen Rider Drive, joked on his Twitter: “In 2035, children who love Kamen Rider Drive will be rich and buy the DVDs. Thank you, Toei. Everyone, thank you. Kamen Rider Brain…  I’ll be 45 years old when it’s released. 45 years old…. and bald.

Super Sonico
is an 18-year-old character originally created by Tsuji Santa for NitroPlus. She has her own anime series, a manga, video games, figures, and more.

The official Super Sonico Twitter account announced the third volume of their sci-fi series Ultra Sonico. Broadcasting would start on April 4, 2016. Super Sonico would transform into the tokusatsu hero Ultraman’s successor, Ultra Sonico.

Her official website was themed in Ultra Sonico images. There was also a preview video uploaded to Niconico and Youtube, but have now been removed.

In a series of tweets on the morning of April 2nd in Japan, Sonico stated:
“Good morning! Manager says Ultra Sonico was an April Fools joke. Even so, I was shooting and a preview video was prepared! I thought it was really true. To everyone looking forward to it, I’m sorry! It was a pity because I was looking forward to it. I would have made lots of new experiences shooting tokusatsu! If I have another chance, I definitely want to try it. Oh… I’m still surprised, but I’m about to head out soon. Everyone, I’m sorry again! I hope to see you soon!”


And the biggest, most obvious April Fools joke of all… Toei Forms Deal with Garage Hero to Purchase Strega isn’t real. It was in cooperation with Garage Hero ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ Other tokusatsu sites like Orends: Range and social media outlets were also in on the joke.

Apologies if you were genuinely fooled by this joke or were angry and/or upset about it!

Daisuki Toku genuinely wants to bring legitimate Japanese entertainment and tokusatsu news to everyone in the world, but we also support indie creators and their goofy joke-jokes, too.

Check out their April Fools reveal video on the Garage Hero Youtube channel:

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