Weekly Roundup: March 18-March 24, 2017

Hello! Did you miss some tokusatsu news during the week? Not a problem! We’ve got a nice roundup of news for you! Remember, this isn’t a complete list, so make sure to check out the site for more stories! If you don’t follow us on Twitter or Facebook (or maybe you do!) you may have missed some interesting news!

Kamen Rider and Super Sentai News

Tokusatsu Heroes Team Up at the Tokyo Fire Safety and Security Fair – My favorite kind of story. Kamen Rider and Super Sentai heroes unite to promote fire safety and protect children’s smiles.

Special Interview with Takeru Satoh to be Included with Den-O Box Set – An interview with the actor behind Ryotaro Nogami will be included with the Den-O box set!

Actor News

Yu Inaba and Kasumi Yamaya to Star in NY Max Man – Some Kamen Rider and Super Sentai heroes are going to star in a movie together! NY Max Man, the 3rd installment of the Max Man series.

Behind the Scenes News

Shinichiro Shirakura Discusses War and the Birth of Kamen Rider Series – Some insight behind the creation of the Kamen Rider series from producer Shinichiro Shirakura

Independent Toku

Garage Hero is an indie tokusatu¬†group based in Tokyo, Japan. They’ve got some amazing content you should seriously check out. Here are some amazing playlists from their Youtube Channel GarageProTV:

Thank you for checking out the weekly round-up! What was your favorite news article from this week?


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