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Tom Fujita to Star in Idol B-Project Live Stage


Tom Fujita (Haruka Mizusawa/Kamen Rider Amazon Omega of Kamen Rider Amazons) will take to the live stage this year in B-PROJECT on STAGE “Over the Wave!”. The performance will begin on July 28, 2017 and the stage has not yet been decided.

B-PROJECT follows four Japanese idol groups. It is a media project by MAGES. and stars a group of vitrual idols. It originally began in 2015, but has now branched into an anime series, manga adaptation, rhythm game, music albums, and long range of merchandise.

Partial Cast:

  • Kento Aizone (THRIVE) – Tom Fujita (Haruka Mizusawa/Kamen Rider Amazon Omega)
  • Kazuna Masunaga (MoonS) – Ryo Tagu
  • Ryuji Korekuni (KITAKORE) – TOMAN
  • Akane Fudo (KiLLER KiNG) – Shun’ya Ohira (The Prince of Tennis Musical)

Members of the cast will appear at the Marvelous booth at AnimeJapan 2017, which is held on Sunday, March 26th.

Official Website: B-PROJECT the Stage
Article Sources: Famitsu

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