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Taiko Katono Stars in Gaki ☆ Rock: Asakusa 6th Ward Honor Story


Gaki ☆ Rock: Asakusa 6th Ward Honor Story is based off of the “punk comedy” manga Gaki ☆ Rock by Daiju Yamauchi. Gaki ☆ Rock is a popular manga series serialized in Young King magazine. The actors from the 2014 film will be reprising their roles in the Amazon Prime Video series.

Gaki ☆ Rock: Asakusa 6th Ward Honor Story tells the tale of Gen (Taiko Katono), a man born and raised in Asakusa, Tokyo, and his friends. Gen is a young man who helps out at his family’s strip club. He and his friends Makoto, Jimmy, and Matsun get into fights and have fun. They also protect Gen’s family. Gen is instructed by his father to pick up a young woman, Chocho, at a train station. Gen instantly falls in love with her. However, Gen’s emotions go wild when he finds out Choco is the #1 stripper in Osaka and she’ll be living in his family’s strip club. However, Chocho feels envious of Gen’s loving family. It is a tale of youth, friendship, and love.

Gaki ☆ Rock: Asakusa 6th Ward Honor Story will be released on Amazon Prime Video in Japan on Friday, April 14, 2017. It is a twelve episode series, airing every Friday.

The Inazuma Sentai will be performing the theme song “Akai Inochi ga Moeteiru”.

Cast Includes:
Gen Shimura: Taiko Katono (Chase/Kamen Rider Chaser of Kamen Rider Drive)
Makoto: Gouki Maeda (Kamen Teacher The Movie)
Jimmy: Yosuke Kawamura
Matsun: Ryōji Nakamura
Chocho: Aimi Satsukawa (Kikaider Reboot)
Yoshinori Okada (The Brave Yoshihiko and Great Satan’s Castle)
Chihiro Otsuka (Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.)
Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi (Kamen Rider Den-O The Movie: I’m Born!)
Naoyuki Morita (Tetsujin 28)
Riki Takeuchi (Battle Royale II)
Kaname Endo
Gamon Kaai
Naomasa Musaka
Aya Enjoji

Check out the trailer here:

Official Website: Chotto Ima Kara Shigoto Yamete Kuru
Article Sources: Yahoo

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